What is Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is a sport derived from South Asia that is quickly growing in popularity in the UK. Two teams occupy opposite halves of a pitch and take turns sending a “raider” into the other half. The raider holds his/her breath and chants the word “Kabaddi” during the whole raid. To win points, the raider must tag members of the opposing team, and return to her/his own half. If the opposing team catches the raider then they get a point. The team with the most points at the end wins. We play and train with judo mats, so you won’t get hurt!


A Kabaddi game consists of two teams of seven. The objective of the game is to get more points than the opposing team. Teams take it in turns to be the raiding (attacking) team and defending team. Each turn lasts a maximum of 30 seconds.


The raiding team sends a player, (the raider) into the defending team’s half. The raider must chant ‘Kabaddi’ repeatedly for the entire time the raider is in the defending team’s half.
The raider tries to touch as many people in the defending team as he/she can, then returns to his/her half. If the raider gets to his/her half, the raider gets a point for every person he/she touches.


Oxford University Kabaddi Club (OUKC) is a very young sports team at Oxford. We train every week at the Dojo in the Iffley Road Sports Complex. Everyone is welcome to come and learn all about one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. We have regular matches in the National University Kabaddi League (NUKL), participate in multiple national Kabaddi competitions, and organise a varsity match against Cambridge.

Don’t worry if you’ve never played before, it’s very easy to pick up! Most of the team started brand new at university. This year, we are also looking to start a girls’ team, which we are very excited about.

If you want a taste of something new, meet new people both at Oxford and beyond and get some exercise, then OUKC is for you!

Please contact us if you have any questions, and do join our mailing list. You can sign up to our mailing list by sending a blank email to oxfordkabaddi-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk

That's how we play it!